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Pf. LM Electric is one of the oldest and largest electrical installers in the Faroes. We regularly work on several large electrical installations at the same time. This is done independently and in cooperation with Faroese and foreign builders and suppliers.

Pf. LM Electric has extensive experience to offer. Professional qualifications are of great importance and with our engineers, electricians, and well-equipped craftsmen we have the experience within the electrical and electro-technical areas.

In addition to being a company of craftsmen we are also general suppliers, so that the company can act as consultants, and be responsible for the planning and execution of the work.

Pf. LM Electric also offers service agreements, and preventive maintenance, which we believe give our costomers many advantages.

Electrical installations
  • General installations
  • Intelligent installations
  • Industrial installations
  • Lighting systems
  • Switchboards
  • EX-installations
  • Emergency and panic lighting
  • Telephone and EDP net
  • Control and supervision (CTS/SRO)
Control and warning systems
  • Fire alarms (Fire detection and self-closing fire door equipment)
  • Burglar alarms (automatic burglar alarms)
  • Monitoring (CCTV)
  • Door Security (access control)
Emergency power systems
  • Diesel generators
  • No-break systems
Other services
  • Communal aerial installations
  • Port and communication systems
  • White goods service
  • Energy saving
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • 24 hours service
  • Service agreements